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Engage Pickleball is an American brand that makes high quality paddles for playing pickleball.

Engage Pickleball is one of the leading manufacturers of pickleball paddles, and is one of the most popular brands in terms of equipment for the game.

You will find players from all over the world using Engage Pickleball paddles, from beginners just starting out to seasoned players and professionals. As such, you may be looking for an Engage Pickleball paddle for yourself to try out.

Luckily for you, we’ve done the research for you, and have picked out the best of the best Engage Pickleball paddles that you need in your life!

The great thing about Engage Pickleball, is that there is a paddle for everyone, as Engage has high end paddles for professional use, and beginner paddles that are good value.

With this guide, you’ll be able to make a more informed decision about which paddle to choose, and why Engage Pickleball paddles are the best choice!

Engage Pickleball Encore MX 6.0 Pickleball Paddle - Pickleball Paddles with Thick Polymer Core - USAPA Approved Pickleball Paddles Pickleball Rackets for Adults - Standard (Blue)

If you’re looking for the best of the best, then go for the Engage Encore MX 6.0. This paddle is a firm favorite among many. This paddle has the largest sweet spot from the Encore range that Engage offers.

The face material is made from fiberglass, while the core is made from polymer honeycomb, making it perfect for improving ball contact and reducing the time the ball remains on the paddle face.

With a rough, textured skin, this paddle optimizes your shots as you can maximize the spin.

What we like about this one is that this paddle is one of the best in terms of quality and design. Sitting comfortably in the mid-weight category, this paddle weighs from 7.8 to 8.3 ounces, and has a medium sized grip.

It also comes in a variety of colors to choose from, and is approved for tournaments as it is USAPA approved, and is often the paddle of choice for champions such as Phil Bagley.

Size: Thin 4 ⅛ inch
Weight: 7.8 – 8.3 oz
Grip: 4 ¼ inches
Face Material: FiberTEK
Core Material: ControlPro Polymer


  • USAPA Approved
  • Graphite skin holds the ball longer
  • Skin and core compress and release for control and responsiveness
  • Vibration control technology
  • FiberTEK skin
  • Control Pro Polymer core
  • Versatile and can handle tough shots with control


  • Expensive
  • Can be heavy for some players

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Engage Pickleball Encore Pro Pickleball Paddle - Pickleball Paddles with Polymer Core - USAPA Approved Pickleball Paddles Pickleball Rackets for Adults - Standard (Sky Blue)

The Engage Encore Pro is a great middle ground option. If you don’t want to go top of the range, and you don’t want an entry level paddle, then the Engage Encore Pro is the perfect choice for you.

With a rough surface, this paddle offers increased spin production, extra precision and high dwell time. The increased sweet spot also offers the perfect amount of control and power with every hit.

This paddle has an edge when it comes to speed, but is not as thick as the Encore MX 6.0, which many people prefer. However, it doesn’t have the Control Pro Technology that the MX 6.0 does.

Size: Standard
Weight: 7.9 – 8.3 oz
Grip: 4 ⅜ inches
Face Material: Proprietary fiberglass
Core Material: Polypropylene/Polymer


  • USAPA approved
  • Offers power and control
  • Perfect for soft or hard hit
  • Made to pass strict community noise rules
  • Honeycomb core
  • Offers players a large sweet spot


  • Not as quick as the MX 6.0, but still expensive

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Engage Pickleball Trident Pickleball Paddle - Pickleball Paddles with Polymer Core - USAPA Approved Pickleball Paddles Pickleball Rackets for Adults - Standard (Silver Shadow)

If you want an affordable, entry level pickleball paddle, then the Engage Trident may be your best option.

The Trident is one of the cheapest and cost efficient pickleball paddles that Engage offers, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is low quality.

This paddle still has the industry leading GripTEK technology, with a 5 layer skin for improved grip, however, it still meets the USAPA’s requirements, and is approved for tournament use.

With this paddle, you will still get ample control, ball placement and some precision. With an enhanced feel with this paddle, you can still improve your craft and up your game.

Size: Standard
Weight: 7.4 – 7.9 oz
Grip: 4 ¼ inches
Face Material: Proprietary 5 layer GripTEK
Core Material: Control Pro 3 Polymer


  • USAPA Approved
  • Industry leading textured GripTEK skin for better spin and ball control
  • 5 layer skin optimized for ultimate control and feel
  • Soft feeling paddle
  • Quiet in use
  • Limited Lifetime warranty


  • Doesn’t offer precision, control or performance others in the range do – is only entry level paddle

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Buyer’s Guide

To help you make a more informed decision, you will need to check out this buyer’s guide, so you know what factors to consider before purchasing.

Paddle Core Material

Most Engage paddles have a soft core, which they refer to as their Control Pro technology. This helps improve the accuracy, feel, and control you have when using the paddle.

Paddle cores come in a range of styles, but the Black core is the softest, giving you the most responsiveness when playing.

Paddle Face Material

Paddle faces tend to be made from either graphite, composites or fiberglass.

Engage utilizes a range of faces for their paddles, each with their own styles, qualities and properties. However, a rough face seems to be the most popular and offers the most consistency.

The Engage paddles strive to offer a lot of spin, which rough faces are needed for. This can offer you the most versatility when playing, which is why it is a popular choice when it comes to face material.


Engage paddles are at the higher end of the price scale, as they sell only premium products that are rigorously tested.

The materials are extremely high quality, and everything is made and shipped in-house by Engage. As a result, the costs tend to be much higher. However, you can get paddles at the lower end of the scale.

Most Engage paddles are priced between $100-$200, but if you want to invest in the best paddle for pickleball that you can find, then the price is worth it.


How long your paddle lasts depends on how often you play pickleball, but most will last around 2 years before you see any damage.

Make sure you choose a paddle made of strong materials, so that you can get the most out of your money.

The good news is that Engage paddles are made of the highest quality materials, and are built to last, so the extra money you spend on these paddles works out, because if you purchase cheaper brands, they tend to wear out easier and need replacing quicker.


One of the most essential things you need when playing pickleball is a good grip. Opt for a pickleball paddle with exceptional grip, so you can really up your game, improve your aim, and feel in control at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have more queries, check out this FAQ section!

Why Choose Engage Pickleball Paddles?

Engage is the leading pickleball paddle brand in the industry. Pickleball as a sport is growing increasingly popular, with new brands appearing all of the time, but Engage is different.

They put so much time and effort into creating the best equipment possible, whereas other brands may use low quality materials and fast manufacturing processes.

In contrast, Engage Pickleball are specialists in this field, and invest a lot of time and money into researching and developing their paddles and their craft.

The paddles are extensively tested by engineers, so that Engage can continue to innovate with their products.

In addition, Engage is manufactured in the US by only Engage employees so that they can maintain the highest quality controlled paddles.

Shipping is also done by Engage, so that they can maintain control over their products entirely.

What Is The Best Paddle For Value?

While Engage is known for their top of the range paddles, they do tend to be on the costly side.

So, what paddles are good for value? If you’re looking for a more affordable paddle, then you are likely going to need the Engage Encore 6.0, or the original Engage Pickleball Paddle which will cost you much less than the professional style paddles.

Which Is Better Engage Or Omega?

Engage also makes Omega paddles. So how does this compare to the Engage line?

Well, Engage Pickleball paddles tend to be much more high end and high quality than Omega are. Omega on the other hand is intended to be affordable, low cost, and aimed at beginners to pickleball.

Engage also ensures that the paddles are designed for control, feel, spin and performance, so you know you are getting the best product possible when you purchase them.

Engage paddles are the premium performance line of paddles, while the Omega are priced in the mid-market and entry level range.