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Three dads in summer 1965 started a game with equipment around the house named Pickleball. If you’re reading this article, then you already know enough about the game. After 50 years of inventing the game, three million players play Pickleball on twenty thousand courts every day.

The reason for this popularity is it is enjoyable for people of all ages and genders. You would only need a pair of paddles, a ball, and a net to define the court to play Pickleball. As a court of Pickleball is multipurpose, people often turn it into a badminton court in winter. The only difference is the height of the net. So, in this situation, a portable net is a blessing.

Having a Pickleball net is a must need if you’re playing competitive games every week. The quality of the Pickleball net is crucial as it can affect your game.

So, whatever the reason for playing for fun or playing the game seriously, a quality Pickleball net is compulsory. In this article, we picked some of the best Pickleball net out there for you, keep reading and figure out the one you need for your

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Before purchasing any net from the list or anywhere, understanding what you need is essential. The whole process starts with knowing the court’s original dimensions and net provided by the IFP or USAPA rulebook. So, in the first section of the buying guide, we’ll break down the rule book for you.

The Rules for Pickleball Net

There are four components to look into during the selection of the Pickleball net. Those are the center strap, mesh size, posts, and the top band. The Pickleball net’s standard height is 36 inches at the sides and 34 inches in the center.

  • You can use a center strap to contain the 34 inches height at the center
  • The mesh size should be minimum and sufficient
  • The legal obligation of putting posts is 12inches from the sidelines
  • The net should have an edge of a 2-inch top band.

While buying a Pickleball, a buyer should understand where to check to ensure the product’s quality is important. Let’s talk about the things to look into while buying a net for Pickleball.


The preferable material for posts is metal. The weight of the metal keeps the net stable. Having the post coated with weather coating will give you a huge advantage. The coat will save the post from the rough weather and keep it safe from rust. Try to avoid low-quality aluminum posts. The problem with aluminum posts is that they tend to get bend with small impact and might not withstand the outdoor court’s wind with no wind protection. 

The center post is different from the side posts. The center posts are there to keep the net at a consistent 34 inches height at the center. 

Some posts offer an extra advantage over other posts. The point where the difference occurs is the oval tubing. The anti-twisting oval tube system in the post makes a massive difference in outdoor court. 

Posts with wheels are easy to maneuver. This extra feature is an excellent help in indoor courts, which are multipurpose courts. With the use of wheels, you can shift the net faster. But outdoor on uneven surfaces, you might face some problems with the wheels.

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The weight has two different sides, providing one can sacrifice the other quality. A heavy system can give you hard time while carrying it someplace far. On the contrary, a heavy net system is more stable than the lighter one.

The same goes for the lightweight net system; though it’s easy to carry around, the system might not provide enough outdoor courts stability. Finding the balance is important. While purchasing a lighter post, don’t ruin the post’s durability by buying some cheap aluminum posts.

Optional features

Buying something portable means the easy carrying feature is essential. Some portable nets don’t offer a bag with the product. So, check before purchasing any nets. Some bags come with wheels, which can be a great advantage in terms of carrying them far.

We recommend you to buy bags that offer extra compartments for paddles and balls so that you don’t have to carry other bags for balls and paddles.

Net Durability

One of the main concerns if you play outdoors often. The net has to withstand a lot of time under the sun. So, if you’re an outdoor Pickleball player, keep the net durability in mind and purchase accordingly.

We recommend you to select the net that has unique weather-proof technology and can withstand windy weather.

Final Words

When it comes to a sport that people play more as a hobby than a profession, making it portable is important.

Like you’re planning on going to a picnic, and your friends want to play Pickleball, that’s where something portable, lightweight, and easy to set like our winner, The 3.0 Portable Pickleball Net System, gets priority.

Well, that concludes our analysis on the top 5 Pickleball net in 2020, and we hope this article has helped you get the best net.