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Looking to give your pickleball game the edge over your opponent? Generating spin can give your shots power and precision, while sending your opponent’s return all over the court.

But for many of us, creating spin is an accident, rather than a purposeful piece of game play.

Many pickleball paddles help generate spin using a textured surface. As the ball moves across the surface, friction is created, and the ball starts to spin.

Other paddles use adhesion to grip and release the ball with spin. It’s not an easy technique to master, but it can transform a game.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at the pickleball paddles that can accentuate your spin, sending your opponent’s around the twist. Read on to find out more.


Best Premium Pickleball Paddle For Spin

JOOLA have designed this excellent paddle in partnership with Ben Johns, the world’s number one pickleball paddle, so you know it’s going to be good.

With a Carbon Friction Surface (CFS) the JOOLA Ben Johns Hyperion Pickleball Paddle provides maximum spin to power up your shots.

It’s this Carbon Friction Surface that makes the JOOLA Hyperion stand out.

This is the most advanced Carbon-Flex5 surface ever, with a texture that grips and releases to give your shots impressive spin, combined with power and control.

Specialized hyperfoam is injected into the JOOLA Hyperion edge wall.

This gives the paddle an increased sweet spot, for better edge to edge performance and improved consistency.

A reactive polypropylene honeycomb core develops feel and reduces vibration, for a more consistent shot and maximized response.

The JOOLA Ben Johns Hyperion is a pickleball paddle for the pro — literally.

This is designed to make skilled players better. Beginner players may struggle to get to grips with the sensitive feel of the paddle.

And as a tool for pro players, the JOOLA Hyperion has a price tag to match.


  • Carbon Friction Surface – The highly textured surface maximizes spin and harnesses power.
  • Aero-curve – The curved head is proven to reduce drag for a faster, powerful swing.
  • CX Forged Elongated Handle – Better flex provides more power and increased comfort.


  • Expensive – A paddle designed for pros, this is a pricey purchase.

Also available for purchase from JOOLA USA and Walmart.

Spin Across The Paddle

The Prince Spectrum Pro Pickleball Paddle isn’t the most obvious choice for spin, as it lacks the intense textured surface used by most spin-enhancing pickleball paddles.

However, what it does offer is an increased sweet spot, allowing you to control your spin better, wherever the ball hits.

An increased sweet spot gives a pickleball player better control. On the Prince Spectrum Pro, the sweet spot feels like the entire surface.

It almost doesn’t matter where the ball hits, as you can control your response thanks to reduced vibration and increased energy.

Add in a 9/16 extra thick honeycomb, and energy is dispersed across the paddle, for a controlled hit without added weight.

This larger sweet spot is combined with a textured fiberglass surface, allowing you to add spin to your shots.

With a heavy head, the Prince Spectrum Pro paddle gives you the flick motion necessary for good topspin.

Control is key if you want to utilize spin, and the large sweet spot of the Prince Spectrum Pro gives you more of that control, across the surface of your paddle.


  • Increased sweet spot – Wherever the ball hits, you feel in control.
  • Head heavy shape – Create the flick motion needed to add topspin to your shot.
  • Textured surface – Provides the grip and power needed for good spin.


A shorter, less padded handle that won’t feel comfortable for everyone.

Also available for purchase from Prince Pickleball and Paddleball Galaxy.

Best For Baseline Players

A paddle used by pros, the Onix Evoke Premier pickleball paddle has a gritty and textured composite surface that provides your shots with maximum spin.

The Onix Evoke Premier is finished with a DF composite face. This is a minimal and consistent coating, able to soften the ball without reducing spin or power.

If you often find yourself struggling when a ball comes slamming towards you, this composite face gives you the coating needed to absorb that power, spin to the ball, and return with a controlled shot.

A smart return, and your opponent is likely to end up powering the ball into the net.

The Onix Evoke is an all around impressive paddle. For baseline players, the impact shape maximizes power and boosts reach, while the Atomic13 Edge absorbs and disperses shock for better connection and speed.

A precision-cut polypropylene core gives the paddle pop, and a responsive touch for increased control.

With three different weights available, make sure to choose the Onix Evoke Premier in standard weight if you want to maximize your spin.


  • Designed by Matt Wright and Lucy Kovalova – Created by pro players, for skilled players.
  • Impact shape – The carefully sculpted shape of the paddle is designed for maximum power and better reach.
  • Atomic13 Edge technology – Disperses shock for better power and speed.


The grip isn’t durable, and starts to peel with repeated play.

Also available for purchase from Onix Pickleball and Just Paddles.

Best Adhesive Surface

The Diadem Icon Pickleball Paddle takes a slightly different approach to spin than the standard pickleball paddle.

Instead of using texture to grip the ball and provide spin, this uses a carbon fiber surface with an unusual sticky feel.

This adhesive style of surface helps the ball to stick to the paddle for longer during the swing. When the ball is released from the adhesive grip, it travels with spin and power.

The Diadem Icon creates this effect using their proprietary “Spin RP” technology. This is a 2-component polyurethane coating, which feels slightly sticky.

When the ball touches the Diadem Icon surface, it becomes gripped by the adhesive material, and released at the end of your swing with improved spin.

It isn’t just about the surface with the Diadem Icon. A 12 mm core made with high density honeycomb cells is reactive, providing excellent feedback for an intuitive response.

The striking area is maximized thanks to an ultra sleek edge guard, providing fewer missed hits as you play. And you can extend the paddle life, as the edge guard is replaceable.


  • 2-component polyurethane coating – An adhesive grip that holds the ball and releases it with improved spin.
  • Replaceable edge guards – Maximize the life of your paddle.
  • Japanese carbon fiber face – A strong and durable face that adds longevity without weight.


The adhesive surface can change the color of the ball.

Also available for purchase from Diadem Pickleball and Walmart.

Best Budget Pickleball Paddle

Pickleball is an easy sport to get into, but as you try and up your level of play, you might be surprised by the expense of the equipment.

The best pickleball paddles for spin might not be exactly budget friendly, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a decent paddle at a reasonable price.

For pickleball players on a budget, we love the Gamma Sports 2.0 pickleball paddle.

The fiberglass composite surface of the Power and Spin variety provides the textured grip needed for spin, without a hefty price tag.

Slightly tacky, the surface grips the ball before releasing at the end of the stroke, for increased control and spin.

Ready to use straight from the packaging, with no conditioning necessary, the Gamma Sports 2.0 paddle is an excellent choice for both novice and intermediate players.

The honeycomb grip feels natural in the hand, and stays comfortable even after intense gameplay.

Meanwhile, you can perfect your shot, mastering the flick motion that injects spin into the ball, and sends your opponent’s return into the net.


  • Budget-friendly – An impressive performance from a paddle that’s affordable for novices.
  • Tacky surface – The slightly sticky surface grips the ball for a release with spin.
  • Honeycomb grip – A natural and comfortable grip, for controlled swings.


Lacks the response advance players need.

Also available for purchase from Gamma Sports and Just Paddles.

Buyer’s Guide

Spin is playing an increasingly important role in games of pickleball.

There’s more to spin than whether the ball twists or not. There’s topspin and backspin, sidespin and the elusive cork spin.

Spin can be utilized to improve your shots and confuse your opponent.

By incorporating spin into your own play, you can learn to respond when the ball comes spinning towards you.

However, if you’re struggling to add and control spin, your paddle might be working against you.

While some paddles are designed specifically to enhance spin, other paddles put their focus elsewhere.

The wrong paddle can really hold you back from achieving the spin you want. In this buyer’s guide, we’ll cover those key features you need to look for to get your ball turning.

Textured/Friction Surface

There are two styles of surface you’ll encounter when choosing a pickleball paddle for spin.

The most common is the textured surface, which adds friction. The second, and rarer surface, is the adhesion surface.

Rub your hand across the surface of a textured pickleball paddle, and you might think it’s covered in grit.

This textured surface creates friction between the paddle and the ball.

As the ball moves across this surface, friction is created, and the ball will spin when released.

Most pickleball paddles designed for spin will have a gritty, textured surface, similar to sandpaper (see also ‘How To Hold A Pickleball Paddle‘).

Adhesion Surface

The other type of surface used to create spin is the adhesion surface. This doesn’t have the rough, sandpaper feel of the textured surface.

Instead, these paddles have a slightly tacky, almost sticky feel to them.

The adhesion surface works differently to generate spin. Instead of creating friction, the sticky surface grips the ball.

The ball is held by the surface through a complete swing, releasing it with spin.

Adhesion surfaces are rarer than the textured surface, and likely to be more expensive.

However, the tacky coating is an excellent method for generating spin.

If you’ve struggled to generate spin with the traditional textured surface, consider giving the adhesion paddle a go.

Composite Or Graphite Surface?

There’s some debate in the pickleball world about whether graphite or composite surfaces are better.

When it comes to spin, the answer is that both can work, as long as the material is enhanced for spin.

A composite surface has a natural texture, making it the obvious choice when choosing a paddle for spin.

Graphite surfaces are typically smoother, preventing friction for a hit with no spin.

However, texture and adhesion can be added to graphite surfaces, specifically to increase spin.

So, both composite and graphite surfaces can be used for increasing spin. Just make sure to check for texture, grit, or adhesion!

Larger Sweet Spot

There’s more than just the surface to consider when you want to develop spin! You also want to make good contact with the ball, so you need an improved sweet spot.

To really master the spin, control is necessary. The pickleball sweet spot is essentially where the ball can hit the paddle for maximum power and control.

On lower quality paddles, the sweet spot is small, and you’re more likely to get a misfire. Premium paddles enhance the sweet spot, giving you more space to make solid contact.

Contact And Weight

The surface can only do so much of the work. If you really want to create and use spin (not just send the ball spinning off in any direction) you’ll need a pickleball paddle that creates solid contact.

When you start to make solid and controlled hits with the paddle, you’ll naturally start to generate spin.

And once you can consistently generate spin, you can begin to control it.

Look for paddles with a standard weight, as these can give you the powerful contact you need to generate spin.

Comfortable Handle

When choosing a pickleball paddle for spin, it’s important not to overlook the other details. One key concern should always be the handle.

The handle should feel comfortable in your grip, even after intense game play. You should be able to grasp the handle tightly, and hold the paddle firm.

When choosing a paddle for spin, make sure it has all the standard features you look for in a pickleball paddle.

Even if the paddle can generate excessive spin, if you hate holding it, you’ll never improve your hits.

USAPA Approved

Want to take your spin to tournaments and competitions? Then you’ll need a paddle that’s approved for play by USAPA.

If you’re only a casual player, then USAPA approval isn’t important. However, if you do enjoy competing (at any level) then make sure your paddle is certified.

It’s also worth noting that USAPA approved paddles tend to be better paddles, as they follow the guidelines put in place by USA Pickleball.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can A Pickleball Paddle Improve Spin?

Yes, a pickleball paddle can improve spin. Pickleball paddles designed for spin use either a texture or adhesion surface to grip the ball, before releasing with added spin.

However, the paddle surface isn’t the only factor affecting spin.

A pickleball paddle alone can’t give your shot spin, but it can accentuate the spin you already produce.

As well as choosing the right paddle, if you want to add spin to your game, you need to work on your shots.

A high to low flick with powerful contact can create spin, while friction from your paddle accentuates it.

Does Spin Matter In Pickleball?

Spin does matter in pickleball, but it’s a difficult move to control. Adding spin can help a lob land deep, and send a shot careering off your opponent’s paddle.

Creating topspin with your serve can give your ball a harder bounce, and complicate your opponent’s return.

However, spin is difficult to control, and when done wrong, can give your opponent an advantage.

If you want to add purposeful spin to your game, you need to practice, practice, practice.

And you need to do all that without forgetting the basics!

What Is The Best Pickleball Paddle For Spin?

The best pickleball paddle for spin is the JOOLA Ben Johns Hyperion Pickleball Paddle.

The carbon friction surface generates spin and power, while the aero-curve head adds length and impact to your swing.

Designed for the pros, the JOOLA Hyperion is a high performing pickleball paddle.

However, for beginners trying to learn spin, the JOOLA Hyperion isn’t ideal. The Onix Evoke is an excellent paddle for players of different skill levels.

And the Diadem Icon offers an adhesion surface for those who struggle to generate friction.

For a paddle with all round capabilities and impressive spin, we love the Prince Response Pro, while the Gamma Sports Odyssey is a good choice on a budget.

Final Thoughts

Spin can confuse an opponent, sending their response to all the wrong places.

Add spin to your pickleball play with a textured or adhesive paddle surface, and take your game to the next level. We hope this guide has helped you find the right paddle for your play.