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Do you want to learn more about the general rules of pickleball?

Even though pickleball has become increasingly more popular over the past few years, it is worth keeping in mind that pickleball is a relatively new sport, so the rules can be confusing at first.

If you’re unsure about the general rules of pickleball, rest assured that you have come to the right place.

In this guide, not only are we going to show you how many pickleball points the game is played to, but we are also going to be sharing some additional insights regarding the general rules of pickleball.                                                                           

So, without further ado, just keep on reading to learn more about the general rules of pickleball including how many points the game of pickleball is played to.

How Many Points Is Pickleball Played To?

So, how many points is pickleball played to (see also ‘How Often Should You Play Pickleball?‘)? To cut a long story short, in order to win a pickleball game, a team must play to 11 points and win with a lead of at least 2.

However, in some rare situations, pickleball games can be played to 15 points, again with a lead of at least 2.

As well as this, it is also important to keep in mind that the amount of points that pickleball can be played to can often change in professional pickleball games or tournaments.

In these such instances, it is highly common for pickleball games to be played to a maximum of 21 points, and the lead that the winning team needs to make sure that they have is a lead of at least 2. 

However, despite the fact that pickleball is often played to either 12, 15, or 21 (depending on the situation) there are many people that play pickleball with their own points system, or with no points at all.

Additional Basic Pickleball Rules

Additional Basic Pickleball Rules

Now that we have covered how many points the game of pickleball is played to, we are now going to be sharing with you some additional basic rules that will help you to ensure that you are playing your pickleball games correctly.

Let’s check them out:

Making Calls

You must make sure that you are making all calls immediately.

Legally Switching Hands

If you want to switch your hands, then you are able to do this at any time. However, keep in mind that making shots with two hands on the paddle is entirely illegal in the game of pickleball.

Making Shots Over The Net

The only instance in which you will be able to reach over the net is if the ball bounces onto your side of the court that you’re playing on, and then spins itself back over the net.

In this instance, you will have the ability to legally reach over the net to hit the ball, and this will be considered a totally legal return so long as you make sure that the paddle does not touch the net at any point while you are making the shot.

Carry And Double Hits

If you hit a ball during one continuous single direction stroke then this will be entirely legal.

Even though a ball might be hit twice, if the ball still travels in one continuous single direction as we have already mentioned, this type of shot will be totally legal.

It is important to remember that an “out” ball is not actually an “out” ball until it bounces on the court floor.

With that being said, you should make sure that you are refraining from trying to catch the ball or letting it hit you while it is still in mid-air.

Playing Around The Net

While playing around the net can often be a gray area for many sports that include one, when it comes to pickleball, it is important to note that it is not a fault if the ball that is in play lands in the opponent’s court via traveling around the cour and not passing directly over the net.

While this might seem a little confusing, this is entirely legal in the game of pickleball, so you should make sure that you remember this.

Partner Communication Faults

Pickleball is a sport that is often played in teams or partners.

That being said, communication is key in this sport, so it is important to remember that there are a few rules that you should be aware of as far as communication is concerned during pickleball games.

In particular, it is important to note that a player will be able to call the ball “out” if their partner has already hit the ball so long as the call is made immediately.

Alternatively, if you do not want your partner to hit the ball, then you can use terms such as “no” “let it go” or simply “out”. 

Final Thoughts

All in all? Pickleball is a fun-first game that incorporates elements of tennis and badminton.

Even though it has grown greatly in popularity over the last few years, pickleball is still a relatively new sport which means that many people can often find themselves confused about what the general rules are.

As a side note, along with taking into account everything that we have shared with you above, if you are just getting started out in the world of pickleball, why don’t you take some time to get in some practice sessions with a local pickleball club? 

That way, you’ll be able to make sure that you are able to get some first-hand experience playing pickleball, which will help you to pick up the rules of the game a lot faster by putting it all into practice rather than just theory! 

Thank you for taking the time to read through this guide, and good luck out there on the court!