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I recently took a trip to WalMart to see their selection of pickleball paddles and choose a beginner’s paddle for myself. I didn’t want to spend more than $50 because I had no idea when I would play or how frequently I would play. 

I also knew that I am notorious for buying equipment and never using it. If you would like to see more about my WalMart pickleball paddle purchase visit this article Best Pickleball Paddle for Beginners or watch this video on YouTube Choosing the Best Pickleball Paddle for a Beginner at Walmart.

Onix Pickleball Paddles

Onix Pickleball Paddles Review

If you have been into Pickleballs and have been doing some homework before finding out which pickleball paddle to buy for your next game, you must already have realized Onix pickleball paddles are a great option.

The best brands of pickleball paddles are comprised with all the features that help the players improve their game. Among several brands available, Onix is a brand that has won players’ hearts.

The Onix pickleball paddles have been highly praised in the market and endorsed by some of the professional pickleball players at national tournaments around the globe. 

However, there are several options of top-notch Onix Pickleball paddles to choose from. The high-quality paddles are made out of the latest technology of paddle manufacturing, comprising of top-notch cores.

While Onix brand includes a superb collection of pickleball paddles, it is always wise to review each of the top players of the list of the bests, compare them and then reach the conclusion about the best fit.

But before jumping on to the list, it is important to know what exactly you should be looking at when making this choice.

Buying Guide & Important Features of Onix Pickleball Paddles

It is imperative to filter out any noise and simplify the process of buying the perfect pickleball paddle amidst the top options available in the market. Some of these factors are discussed here.


This is a crucial factor when thinking about adding the perfect pickleball paddle to your collection. Different Onix pickleball paddles have different weights and it really depends on your preference what you can play best with. Some people prefer lightweight ones while some feel more comfortable using the heavier paddles. 

The pickleball paddles can range in weight from about 6 (lightweight paddles) to around 14 ounces (heavy-weight paddles). Do not be deceived by the difference of just a few ounces, they can have wider effects on how much you can swing it.

The paddle weight also provides you with the feel of the paddle when you are holding it and also the kind of action you can perform when you are on the court. This is, overall, dependent on personal choice, your fitness level and your style of play.

To show you a fair comparison between which features should you aim at as per your preference we have constructed a table with the advantages and disadvantages of both Lightweight and Heavy pickleball paddles.

Lighter Pickleball Paddles

Heavy Pickleball Paddles



  • Gives you greater control of the pickleball ball
  • Results in better manoeuvrability (you can swing it more freely)
  • Puts reduced stress on your elbow or shoulder
  • They certainly have increased power
  • You need less effort to hit the ball harder
  • It is easier to hit the ball deep



  • Results in reduced power or drive
  • You might require a stronger or harder swing to hit the long shots
  • It might lead to increased chances of injuries, especially in elbows
  • You will have less control and slower swings

Grip Size

Once you have decided on the weight of the paddle, the next decision will be the grip size. You must pick a pickleball paddle that has the perfect grip circumference to match the size of the hand. It needs to fit your hand in the best manner.

A smaller grip will allow you to have better wrist action, allowing you to easily put the spin on the ball and improve the control you have. The more the wrist movement, the higher will be the power to serve. 

On the other hand, a larger grip increases the stroke stability while easing the strain on the wrist and shoulder joints, besides the elbow. If the paddle handle is too large, you might strain your elbow. 

A quick and easy way to decide the right grip size is really based on your height. We have compiled a table with the suggested size but the measurements can vary in practice. 

Your Height

Grip Size

Under 5’ 2” 

4” Grip

5’ 3” to 5’ 8”

4 1/8” to 4 ¼” Grip

5’ 9” and taller

4 1/2” Grip

Material of the Paddle

This is another crucial thing to keep in mind when making the choice of the paddle for your pickleball paddle. To summarize the material and the associated features, we have listed some points below.

  • Wood: Heaviest paddle material and cheapest in the market
  • Graphite: The most expensive material option but also very light and powerful in terms of performance in the court.
  • Composite: This really is the middle ground between a wood and a graphite paddle and comes in several ranges of prices and weights. This is also quite popular since it provides good spin on shots. There are composites of different ranges of prices.

Wood is the best option for beginner pickleball players who do not want to invest too much and can do with a heavy pickleball paddle.

Composite Pickleball paddles constitute of a composite core of a fiberglass or carbon fibre surface, the core is mostly made up of rigid nylon, polymer or aluminium. 

Most graphite pickleball paddles weight 6 to 9 ounces and consist of a core made up of rigid nylon, aluminium or polymer, just as it is with composite paddles. Competitive players usually like to use graphite paddles. 


This might be one big priority for many buyers of a pickleball paddle due to a personal allocated budget. Sometimes people want to spend very little on specific items but it is important to know that if you take care of your pickleball paddle, they can last several years and hence might be worth investing on.

Pickleball paddles can range from under $15 for the least expensive wooden paddles to above $150 for the best quality of graphite and composite paddles. 

You will find several good composite and graphite paddles in the range of $50 to $120. The graphite models are most expensive ones. 

Recommended/Best Onix Pickleball Paddles

Now that we have taken a good look at the key properties you should check before buying a pickleball paddle, let us look at the available, top- class Onix pickleball paddles in the market. Upon a careful review of the best reviewed Onix pickleball paddles, we have come to the top 5 paddles, considering some of the factors discussed above.

It is crucial to delve deeper into the properties of the aforementioned Onix pickleball paddles, recommended in the table. In the list below, you will be provided with the name of the Onix pickleball paddle in question, most important features and properties of the pickleball paddle, a summary of the advantages and disadvantages associated with them and a link to the details of the product in

1. Onix Summit C1- Onix Pickleball Paddles

ONIX Summit C1

This top of the game product has a long reach due to the elongated shape of the paddle (16 3/8” L x 7 ½” W). The table tennis handle of the product allows the players to deliver maximum spin while the composite face of the ball looks after increased control and facilitated spin.

The polypropylene honeycomb core allows excellent feel, power and pop to the user. The grip is available on the underside of the paddle, which meets all the USAPA specification for tournament games.


  • The longer design allows for higher reach and power of the paddle

  • Composite face can help towards increasing the control

  • Shortened handle can provide increased stability to players

  • It is a pretty affordable, well-balanced paddle

  • The sweet spot is big for the broader shape which also makes the sound of hitting the ball melodious


  • The elongated shape of the paddle is not appealing to every user

  • Longer design takes away partial control of the user

  • Players sometimes struggle to play with the shortened handles

2. Onix Z5 – Onix Pickleball Paddles

Onix Z5 Graphite Pickleball Paddle (Blue) with Cushion Grip and Blue Paddle Cover

It is high- quality product which is one of the most popular among the Onix line products in the market. The excellent touch paddle allows for increased ball control. The paddle has a wide body design and a grip size of 4 ¼” grip size.

The paddle dimensions are 15.5” L x 8.3” W x 1.5” H. It provides superior power while maintaining perfect control with its graphite core and Nomex honeycomb core. The paddle also mimics the handle shape of that of tennis rackets with a flared, wooden handle.


  • Provides great ultimate control over the ball

  • There is proper balance of power, control and overall performance

  • Quite durable and sturdy build quality

  • It is a pretty affordable paddle


    • The Nomex honeycomb core slightly limits the power

    3. Onix Evoke Pro – Onix Pickleball Paddles

    ONIX Evoke Pro - Blue

    This is one of the leading products in the Onix line in the market. It was mostly designed for players who are enthusiastic about the game. It has the best weight which allows you to feel maximum control and spin in the game of pickleball. The paddle dimensions are 15.5” L x 8.3” W x 1.5” H.

    The composite face allows delivering better power and strength to shots. The wide body shape looks out for the large sweet spot. It is a medium weight paddle which ensures good control.


    • Offers great ultimate balance of control and power.

    • Endorsed and used by several professional players.

    • Quite affordable.

    • The semi-rough surface helps to facilitate the spin to the ball.


    • The edge is prone to deteriorate in terms of taking faster strokes

    4. Onix Sub- Zero

    Onix Sub-Zero Pickleball Paddle Features Graphite Face, Ribtec Structure, and Foam Core

    This Onix sub- zero pickleball paddles constitutes of the ribtec structure and foam core which are imperative for the proper maintenance of the stability while boosting power in the players. The ergo grip of the paddle along with its 1- piece constructure helps to deliver great control and superior consistency.

    The edge guard design and wide body shape allows for increased surface area for hitting the ball.  The paddle dimensions are 15.7” L x 8.2” W x 1.5” H. It is a medium weight paddle which ensures good control.


    • The foam core enables the increase of accuracy and velocity, allowing a well-balanced approach for all play styles

    • It has the one-piece construction, which means that it is made from a single moulding process, that creates a more consistent paddle

    • Quite affordable

    • Highly durable and long-lasting

    • It is excellent for defensive pickleball players


    • There is lack of force for delivering the power swings

    • Not suitable for aggressive players

    5. Onix React

    Onix React Pickleball Paddle Features Boosted Sweet Spot from Nomex Core Insert and Graphite Face

    This Onix React pickleball paddle allows for powerful control with its fusion core technology combining the polypropylene and nomex cores.

    The increased paddle size provides for easy transition with the tennis handle and the wide body design boosts the sweet spot access besides the increased surface area for hit. The paddle dimensions are 15.5” L x 8.3” W x 1.5” H. It is a heavy weight paddle which ensures added strengths behind smashes.


    • The large enough sweet spot helps to increase the surface area of hit for the ball in the pickleball game.

    • Uses two most popular cores which ensure excellent pop

    • The pickleball paddle is heavy, allowing intense power for slamming the ball to the other side of the court with excellent power.

    • Highly durable and sturdy

    • It is excellent for aggressive and heavy-hitting pickleball players


    • The thick edge guard may not be appreciated by some players

    Closing Remarks

    You deserve to make the best addition to your collection of Onix gears and when it comes to choosing the perfectly fitting pickleball paddle, you should also not have to make any compromise.

    This list of the 5 best Onix pickleball paddles (see also ‘2022 Christmas Gift Ideas – Best Head Pickleball Paddles‘) will help you navigate through the choices available in the market. However, the most important question you should ask before coming to a decision is, what are you planning to concentrate you game on- control, power, pace? Once you review this list well, the choice will become simple.