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This pickleball strength training gym program is a general program designed for recreational players who want to reduce injury risk and improve performance.

Pickleball strength training [Video]

Watch this video to learn my 5+ favorite pickleball strength training exercises.

1. Cable High Row

A cable high row is performed in standing and works the major muscles of the upper back, posterior shoulder, and biceps.

More importantly, the standing high row works a pickleball players balance. The resistance is pulling up and forward which forces the exerciser to compensate by gripping the ground and controlling the hip, knee, and ankle.

2. Straight Arm Pulldown

A straight arm pulldown performed on a cable machine can be a great trunk / core exercise.

The athlete will stand facing the machine. Grip the handles in each hand and keeping the

pickleball strength exercises

3. Horizontal Shoulder Adduction (Cross Over)

Standing with your elbow in full extension you will pull the handles across your body from an open starting position to a closed finish position.

Alternate which hand is crossing over on top.

4. Horizontal Shoulder Abducation (Pull Aparts)

Standing with your elbows in full extension, you will pull the cables across your body from a staring closed position to a finished open position.

Focus on squeezing the shoulder bladed together as you pull the handles apart.

5. Push Pull Trunk Rotation

Standing perpendicular to the machine, you will pull back on the side away from the machine and push forward from the side closest to the machine.

If your right hand starts as the pulling hand, when you change directions be sure that your right hand is now the pushing hand.

6. Bonus – Squat Row

Staring with your hands at your ribcage, you will reach your hands forward as you squat, then pull your hands back as you return to standing.