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I have been looking for pickleball training machines that allow me to practice without a partner. 

Below is a list of some of the best pickleball training machines I have found in 2022 and what I like / dislike about each one.  

1.) Slam Master

While the idea behind this pickleball trainer may be great, the actual device itself is not.

This device reminds me of the kids toy compised of a paddle and rubber ball on a rubber band. If you ever had one of those toys as a kid you will remember that the first time you actually hit that little rubber ball it will break the rubber band or pop the staple and go flying across the room.

The problem with this device is the cord changes the flight path of the ball. It also gets in the way of hitting the ball. The ball doesn’t bounce like a normal ball would. There is just no benefit I can find for buying this device other than buying it as a gag-gift for a friend who loves pickleball.

Slam Master Pickleball Practice/Training Paddle (Wood)


2.) Pickleball Ball Machine

I have been researching pickleball ball machines and this is the lowest cost, most reliable pickleball training machine I have found.

I have not personally purchased this device yet, but from my research the only real problem is the flight path of the pickleball is not like the actual flight path of a pickleball being returned by an opponent.

This machine is better than nothing and may help pickleball players who don’t have a wall to hit against or a partner to hit with.

Sports Tutor Multi-Twist - Beginner Pickleball/Tennis Ball Tosser - Battery Powered