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Buy used Pickleball Paddles to Save Money

The best way to save money on pickleball equipment is to find and buy used pickleball paddles and other equipment.

Pickleball, just like any other sport, can come with a hefty price tag. Pickleball paddles can cost as much as $150 to $200.

* This JOOLA Ben Johns Hyperion Pickleball Paddle is one of the more expensive paddles listed on Amazon.

JOOLA Ben Johns Hyperion CFS 16 Pickleball Paddle - Official Ben Johns Paddle - USAPA Approved Racket for Tournament Play - Edge to Edge Sweet Spot, Durable Max Spin Surface & Elongated Handle

Click on this article if you are looking for the best pickleball paddleball paddle for beginners.

5 Best Places to Buy Used Pickleball Paddles and Other Equipment

1. Play It Again Sports

Play It Again Sports is a reseller of used sporting equipment. We have one located within 2 miles of our house so anytime I want to find low-cost pickleball gear I check their store first.

What is great about Play It Again Sports is the fact that I can feel the pickleball paddle before I buy it. I also know that it is keeping the pickleball paddle out of the landfill.

Play It Again Sports will buy used equipment so if I buy something, use it for a while, then decide to upgrade or change it, I can bring my equipment to them for between 20% and 50% of what I purchased it for.

I have even purchased used equipment at their store, played with it for a while, then resold it back to them.

If you want to find a Play It Again Sports in your area, click this Store Locator link.

Here are some photos of my most recent trip to Play It Again Sports:

Pickleball Balls at Play It Again Sports
used pickleball paddles
Head Extreme Elite Pickleball Paddle at Play It Again Sports

2. Facebook Marketplace

Finding cheap used pickleball paddles can be easy on the Facebook marketplace.

Simply go to your computer or smartphone, find the Facebook marketplace icon, and enter “pickleball paddles” in the search bar. Facebook will deliver a list of new and used paddles in your area. You will also see sellers who are willing to ship paddles to you.

The drawback to the Facebook marketplace is you don’t get to actually see and feel the paddle in your hand. Also, you might have to meet the seller face to face which can be intimidating.

The best experiences I have had purchasing on the Facebook marketplace is when I message the seller and we meet at a local pickleball court while other people are there.

Cheap Used Pickleball Paddles on Facebook Market Place

3. eBay

I often forget about eBay, but years ago I used to buy lots of sports equipment on eBay. These days eBay is flooded with new pickleball paddles but if you use some of the filters you can limit your search to used pickleball paddles under $50 with free shipping.

what is hilarious about eBay is you can find a listing for 2 Monarch Pickleball Paddles for $15 on the same page that you can find a Gearbox SST Pickleball Paddle for $600.

buy used pickleball paddles on ebay

4. Craigslist

Less popular yet still an option is Craigslist. A search of my local Craigslist for “pickleball paddles” revealed no results, but bigger cities might produce better results.

You can also search Craigslist for community events such as pickleball tournaments or meet-ups.

5. Local Bulletin Boards, Groups, and Meet-Ups

The last great place to find and buy cheap used pickleball paddles and equipment is where you play.

If you are playing at a local recreational center or public park, there is always someone with a bunch of used pickleball paddles cluttering up a garage shelf who would be more than happy to sell or even just gift you a used pickleball paddle.

You can consider starting a private Facebook group for your local community of pickleball players. You could start a swap or exchange for used equipment. Or you could just ask around for anyone who wants to unload.