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Just like any sport, there are official dimensions and measurements for a pickleball court.

The size of a pickleball court will be 20 by 44 feet, effectively the same size you would see in a doubles badminton court.

Yet for pickleball, the court remains the same size for a doubles and a single match.

Aside from specific dimensions, there are certain areas and dimensions that have to be included.

In this guide, we will look at the specific areas of a pickleball court, the measurements that apply, and the overall appearance (see also ‘How Big Is A Pickleball Court?‘).

The Specific Areas Of A Pickleball Court

Should you decide to create your own pickleball court, it is vital to know the right areas and their individual specifications.

That’s for a temporary or permanent pickleball court and it will look like a rectangle.

The Non-Volley Zone (Aka The ‘Kitchen’)

Across the center of the court is the non-volley zone which is also known as the ‘Kitchen’.

From the net, the non-volley zone measures seven feet to the left and right and covers the entire 20 feet width of the court.

The non-volley zone is also confirmed by a non-volley line at the seven feet mark on both sides of the net.

Service Areas

As you would see in a tennis or badminton court, there is a left service area and a right service area on both sides of the court.

The left service area will be to the left of the centerline with the right service area, you guessed it, to the right of the centerline.

Each service area will measure ten feet in width and 15 feet in length. At the rear of each service area will be the baseline and the box is confirmed by the centerline and a sideline.

The Measurements That Apply To A Pickleball Court

The overall court dimensions for pickleball measure 20 by 44 feet which does not change, unlike on a tennis court between their singles and doubles play (see also ‘How To Play Doubles Pickleball‘).

However, the actual playing area should be a little bigger at 30 by 60 feet but can extend to 34 by 64 feet for a tournament or a standalone pickleball court.

There is also a net and that height should be 36 inches high by the sidelines and 34 inches high in the middle of the court.

What Does A PickleballCourt Look Like

The Appearance Of A Pickleball Court

How a pickleball court looks is not wholly crucial but some players have their preferences (see also ‘Top 10 Pickleball Players In The World‘).

That could mean the material the court surface is made from, any surfacing over the top, and the specific color scheme.


If you are creating your own court, there are three common pickleball court surface materials to choose from.

For the best value, go for concrete which will typically be durable.

Another similar option to concrete is asphalt which may be a bit more expensive and require more care to keep it in good condition.

Finally, there is a temporary solution which is snap-together plastic that you can put over either an asphalt or concrete surface if you do not want to change the markings underneath.


The pickleball court can also have a coating and this is typically wholly acrylic which is recommended for athletic courts too.

These coatings allow some vapor transmission and should be breathable which is useful for an outdoor court.

You can use an official surface which is known as PickleMaster which comes factory mixed with an aggregate blend.

The main reason to opt for an acrylic surface is the texture that prevents slipping and allows for the right bounce.


There are no explicitly incorrect color combinations yet try to be sensible about the colors you do choose to go with.

For instance, a lighter set of colors will absorb less heat so the playing surface should be cooler compared to a darker set of colors.

If you live in a relatively cool climate, the darker colors may help to evaporate water and melt snow which is worth remembering.

Perhaps the most important element of the color scheme is ball visibility so opt for color contrasts so players can see the pickleball quicker (see also ‘What Does A Pickleball Look Like?‘).

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Direction To Set Up An Outdoor Pickleball Court?

Try not to lay out an outdoor pickleball court without thinking about the direction as you could be creating an unfair disadvantage for an opponent.

While finding an appropriate outdoor court surface is important, do not lay out a pickleball court at right angles (see also ‘How To Build A Pickleball Court‘).

The outdoor court will typically have been built to be oriented in a north-to-south direction.

If the outdoor pickleball court is laid out at right angles, one player will tend to be staring directly at the sun in both the late afternoon and early morning which is unfair and could be classed as a safety hazard.

What Is The Best Way To Set Up A Temporary Pickleball Court?

You could set up a temporary pickleball court on several sports surfaces, ideally on a tennis court though a badminton, basketball, or volleyball court will do too.

Once you have found an existing court, check with the facility owner about changing the existing surface to mark it appropriately for a pickleball court.

You could use some temporary tape or a few lines yet these should be easily removed and not leave a mark.

Ensure that the lines are the right dimensions and are straight so as not to prove distracting during a match.

Final Thoughts

It should be simple to recognize a pickleball court due to the dimensions though it can look somewhat similar to a badminton or tennis court (see also ‘Pickleball Vs. Tennis: Which One Is More Fun?‘).

The appearance of a pickleball court is typically governed by whether it is an outdoor or indoor one.

You can expect a concrete or asphalt base covered in an acrylic surfacing.

However, an indoor pickleball court may use rubber or wooden flooring for its playing surface though that can be slippery.