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If you’re in the market for a reliable, high-quality pickleball paddle you simply have to take a look at the options sold by Selkirk.

Run by a family of brothers that love the sport of pickleball, Selkirk is a market leader that manufactures and sells some of the very best pickleball paddles on the market.

Never compromising on quality, Selkirk prides itself on delivering creative excellence through extremely high-performance equipment.

Whether you need beginner paddles to train with, a USAPA-approved, tournament-ready paddle, or simply a set of four paddles you can use to play with friends and family, Selkirk has it all.

So much so, we decided to list the very best pickleball paddles Selkirk has to offer (see also ‘2022 Christmas Gift Ideas – Best Head Pickleball Paddles‘).

In this post, you’ll find quick reviews of the Selkirk paddles you need to try and what you can expect.

If you want to find your next paddle, stick around!

We’ll start with one of, if not the best overall pickleball paddle Selkirk sells.

The Selkirk Amped is an incredibly high-performing paddle that features a thick polypropylene honeycomb core and a sleek fiberglass face.

Super stylish and available in six different colors, this paddle is designed with control and power in mind.

The large sweet spot makes it easier for you to control the ball with power, taking your game to the next level.

The torque suppression technology built into the paddle also increases your accuracy.

Handcrafted in the United States, you’ll also be pleased to hear that this paddle is USAPA-approved.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option that still offers high-quality design and performance, look no further than the Selkirk pickleball SLK paddle set.

Available at an extremely good price, this set comes with two excellent paddles, four pickleball balls, and a carry bag.

This makes it a great option for anyone that plays with their friends or family.

Crafted with precision, the paddles in this set only weigh 7.5 ounces. As a result, the paddles offer smooth handling and a balanced feel.

The paddles have also been equipped with a 5.25-inch long cushioned grip which adds extra comfort. This also enhances the overall control you have.

These more affordable paddles are also USAPA-approved, so you could use them in international tournaments.

Offering epic performance, one of the best Selkirk paddles we’ve ever played with is the Selkirk Evo Hybrid.

Featuring fiber flex technology and an X4 core, this paddle feels great, looks great, and performs even better.

We love how nicely weighted this stylish paddle is.

Evenly weighted throughout, this aids the sweet spot which has a super satisfying feeling when you strike the ball.

The polypropylene polymer core built into the paddle helps give that extra bit of power to our shots too (see also ‘What Is A Smash Shot?‘).

USAPA-approved, the cutting-edge technology used to make this paddle enhances its functionality.

In particular, the C6-Flex Power FIberglass face offers exceptional control, balance, and power.

Next up, we have the Selkirk Atlas pickleball paddle. This paddle is one of the best graphite paddles Selkirk has to offer.

The ultra-flexible G5 graphite face used to make this paddle makes the user’s playing experience much more comfortable and enjoyable.

Primarily suited to beginners and intermediate players, the wide sweet spot and polymer rev-core help add consistent shooting to your game.

Meanwhile, the ultra-cushioned grip and lightweight paddle design offer a high-value, comfortable feel, and unparalleled performance.

When we used this paddle, we were impressed with the speed and power the large sweet spot provides. It somehow manages to do this without feeling hard on the wrist.

What’s not to like?

The Selkirk Latitude pickleball paddle has been built with professional players in mind. The G4 graphite face provides ultimate control, while the polymer rev-core ensures you can hit the ball with consistency.

The weight of this paddle suits professionals perfectly.

Weighing just 6.9 to 7.9 ounces, the paddle allows the user to move quicker and freer. This helps you better control your game at the net.

To achieve an incredibly well-balanced, yet solid paddle, Selkirk has also equipped this paddle with an edge sentry edge guard.

This improves the paddle’s durability without impacting the weight and profile of the paddle.

The next Selkirk paddle on our list is the Selkirk Vanguard Hybrid paddle.

To ensure a higher level of performance, Selkirk has hand-selected a natural carbon fiber weave to use alongside the QuadCarbon technology.

This cutting-edge technology, which was handcrafted in the USA takes the paddle to the next level.

Delivering impressive speed and consistency, you should find it easier to hit shots. The larger sweet spot should also make it easier for you to hit the ball with power.

Available in two attractive styles, the Vanguard also features bi-directional, cross-weave carbon fiber technology.

This reduces vibrations and increases speed. The thicker core will also give you more energy behind your shots.

This paddle’s elongated design will also provide you with more control.

The next paddle on our list features Selkirk’s G8-Flex control carbon fiber face.

Designed to offer ultimate control and a super-soft feel, this paddle face puts you in complete control of your game.

Pair this with a huge sweet spot and you should find yourself hitting killer shots in no time.

Aside from offering control and power, this paddle also offers plenty of comfort. The paddle comes with an ultra-comfortable grip that gives the user better control.

The polymer rev-soft core will help you make technical movements quickly so that you can outperform your opponent at the net.

Better still, the extra-long shape of the paddle will give you extra reach and power, helping you to reach tougher shots you wouldn’t normally be able to get to.

We have the Vanguard S2 paddle up next. This is a premium paddle that comes with the largest sweet spot Selkirk produces.

As a result, it offers the most consistency and power out of any other Selkirk model. This could come in handy for anyone that struggles to control the ball.

Using pioneering technology, this paddle combines a thicker polypropylene X5 core and FiberFlex fiberglass.

Together, these two features help create a sleek paddle that generates impressive spin.

This face also helps absorb powerful shots from your opponent. We also found that the honeycomb core offers speed and a smooth feel.

Finally, this paddle is 100% approved for tournament gameplay by USAPA. As a result, a host of professional players now use it in competition. 

The penultimate Selkirk pickleball paddle on our list is actually one of the brand’s newest models.

Described as the “ultimate power & spin paddle”, the Selkirk power air Invikta paddle is designed specifically with power and attacking play in mind.

If that suits your style of play, this paddle could be absolutely perfect for you.

The best thing about this paddle is that it comes with Selkirk’s latest technology, all of which has been tried and tested in Selkirk’s labs.

The Aero-DuraEdge Edgeless technology along with the Air Dynamic Throat helps to reduce wind resistance, instead increasing overall swing speed.

The paddle’s elongated shape helps to build power.

Meanwhile, the NextGen + ProSpin texture applied to the face of the paddle makes it easier for the user to produce spin and control cut shots.

Overall, this is an amazing paddle.

Finally, we have the Selkirk Vanguard Power Air S2 paddle. This is another one of the new Power Air paddles Selkirk has recently released.

Again known as the “ultimate power & spin paddle” this pickleball paddle is designed to give players the confidence they need to strike the ball with power.

Thanks to the paddle’s unique, highly-technical design, cutting, spinning, and hitting the ball with power is made much easier.

This paddle has the largest sweet spot out of the Selkirk Power Air line.

Combine this with the FlexFoam perimeter and we’re left with a fantastic short-game paddle.

The inclusion of QuadFlex, an edgeless design, and an open throat only increases the power this paddle produces, whilst the longer design makes it easier to reach shots.

It’s also worth noting that this paddle looks fantastic.

Final Thoughts

Selkirk is right up there with the very best pickleball brands. Selling a wide range of products, Selkirk has been in the pickleball industry for many years.

In that time, they’ve learned how to produce reliable, high-quality, and high-performance paddles that can be used by almost any level of player.

In this post, we’ve shown you the very best paddles Selkirk has to offer.

No matter what sort of paddle you’re looking for, we’ve outlined a great option.

We’ve looked at budget-friendly paddle sets, high-end professional paddles, and even the latest paddles that are taking the pickleball world by storm.

Now all you have to do is decide which paddle you want to try first.