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Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports in the United States of America.

It is also one of the youngest sports in the United States. It gained popularity fast, partly due to how much easier it is for everyone.

What do we mean by this? Well, it can be played by anyone of any age group, any gender, and even by those with physical limitations.

It needn’t be as hardcore as tennis, and there is not a huge amount of running around involved.

It is a ball and racket sport, much like tennis. But it also incorporates aspects of badminton, and ping-pong (table tennis) as well.

However, this fun and all-inclusive game has gained quite the reputation. It has gained the reputation of being something of an older persons’ game.

We have to ask if this is actually true.

Who Plays Pickleball?

It is viewed that the game of Pickleball is a game for ‘older’ people, with the average playing age of pickleball being 43.5, which is quite high considering there are nearly 4 million players of pickleball in the United States.

However, it is also for kids, as well as sports persons who want to try something a little new.

Really, though, it is actually just for anyone who feels like playing it.

It does have the reputation of being an older person’s game, since many older people like it.

However, it is for anyone who enjoys it, and for those who simply enjoy it.

It is often seen as the racket based game which can be played by anyone, including those who would love to play tennis, or similar sports, but find them too physically demanding.

The awesome thing about pickleball is how the game is so easily accessible to play, and everyone could walk onto a pickleball court and have a good, fun game of pickleball regardless of athletic ability or age.

A majority of people will feel like epic athletes when they play this game, but that is mostly thanks to its ease and simplicity.

Would you believe that one of the best teams in the world at playing pickleball is actually a 15-year-old and her mom.

Which just shows how easily accessible pickleball is, and how it really is a family sport, for all the family.

You could be in your 80s playing with your grandkids, and have such an amazing time, on the same court as a group of teenagers, or a couple!

It is also highly addictive, so when you start playing it, it is so fun and easy that once you start it is like magic, time disappears.

You step onto the court and hours can just disappear into play time. You forget about worries, and just enjoy yourself and have fun with friends and family.

Even competitive games at your local rec center can be hard, as you could be facing anyone of any age.

While tournaments are often split into age groups, community games usually aren’t, so you could be facing anyone.

You will find a large amount of older folk playing pickleball, you could go to a community game and find mostly older people, it can be frustrating but also fun.

Why is it frustrating? Well, the older generation loves it, and they are oftentimes good at it too!

Age is nothing in pickleball, you can play it at any age, and be good at it at any age too!

It is a tactical game, and you need to understand the soft side of the game, and how it is played to win points.

It’s less about strength and precision, and more tactical than you think.

So, it is not only loved by the older generation for its ease, but it can also stimulate the mind too.

It’s a way to stay young and healthy physically and mentally for many.

We aren’t surprised the older generation have taken to it so well!

What Is The Average Age Of Pickleball Players (1)

Is Pickleball A Game For Seniors?

Pickleball has developed the reputation of being a senior citizen’s game, as it has been mainly played by those over the age of 55 (see also ‘Can You Play Pickleball At 75 Years Old?‘).

Sure, a large percentage of the population playing pickleball is over this age bracket, however, trends have been coming about recently which show that pickleball is starting to catch some attention from the younger generations as well.

In fact, according to the Sport and Fitness Industry Association, in their 2019 report of Pickleball Participation, around 3.3 million people in the United States play this sport.

Out of these 3.3 million you have casual players, and core players (see also ‘Top 10 Pickleball Players In The World [Who Is Number 1?]‘).

The casual players will play around 1-7 times a year, whereas core players will play around 8 or more times per year.

From 2015 until 2018, the percentage of casual players and core players under the age of 55 increased by about 25% into 36%.

The percentage of those who were under this age bracket increased from 78 to 84%.

Basically the average casual and core pickleball player age is decreasing, and more and more youth is coming into pickleball playing.

While this sport has the reputation of being for seniors, and although it is still predominantly played by those over the age of 55, the sport is getting something of a new reputation in how it is viewed and played.

Both seniors and Juniors enjoy playing the sport.

Can Any Age Group Play Pickleball?

Players might be playing in any group which they may qualify by age.

So, for example, a 52-year-old player can play in the age ranges of 19+, 35+ or from the 50-54+ age group. You can choose to play in one age group per event.

The age ground need not be the same.

Keeping with this idea, you can also have a pickleball league.

These leagues are groups of pickleball players (see also ‘Top 10 Best Female Pickleball Players In The World‘), these compete in organized matches, however, these leagues will play against each other in matches which are organized through a predetermined time period.

Many of these leagues are organized throughout the United States of America Pickleball Association.

What Do We Think?

We think that pickleball is popular with older people, it does have a higher player age than many other sports, but this is not all that surprising.

When you consider the overall health benefits of the game, it is great for older people to play!

What is even better is it is great seeing so many older people getting out socializing and playing a sport that they enjoy.

It being all inclusive means that older and younger people also get a chance to socialize.

So, sure, the older generation dominates the pickleball scene, but we can’t say that is a bad thing at all.

The average age is around 44 years old, but anyone can play it and more and more younger people are entering the pickleball courts now.

We say, if you are interested, give it a try, no matter what age you are, it is not strictly for anyone in particular, it fits all ages, genders, and fitness levels.

It can be a way to get healthy, shed some pounds, build up your endurance, stimulate your mind, and have fun!