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When playing pickleball, a paddle might be the most crucial piece of equipment you’ll ever own.

Even though pickleball paddles are mostly gender-neutral, there are a few aspects to consider when buying one for a female athlete.

Female pickleball players typically have different needs than male pickleball players. The best pickleball paddles for women therefore differ from those that men might want.

There are hundreds of pickleball paddles on the market to choose from. Hence, it can be difficult to narrow down your options.

Or know what you should be looking for. Well, we have done all the hard work for you.

In this article, we have collected together the best pickleball paddles for women. We have also created a handy guide that will help you make the right choice for you.

The Extreme Tour Lite is a great paddle for ladies because it is the lightest in the Extreme Series from HEAD.

It just weighs 7.2 oz, and its 4 1/8″ handle is also rather small. It consistently outperforms the competition.

We discovered through our tests that the Extreme Tour Lite has an optimized tubular core and a face made of graphite.

Despite being light, it still generates enough snap for you to make winning swings.

Its control stabilizer technology is one of the cutting-edge tools it employs. Only the most advanced HEAD rackets have this.

Even the most powerful shots may be made without the paddle twisting as a result, keeping your wrist steady and your shots accurate.

Also, we cannot deny how good this paddle looks.

This paddle is available in yellow or silver. Overall, this paddle should be one of your top considerations.


  • Control Stabilizer Technology – This paddle is created with controlled stabilizing technology. This allows you to have much more control while making shots during a game.
  • Grip – Customers have noted that they found the grip really comfortable to hold in their hand.
  • Lightweight – This is one of the lightest paddles that you will come across, which is ideal for anyone to use.


  • Price – We found that this paddle is quite pricey, thus not ideal for anyone on a tight budget.

Also, available to purchase from HEAD and Pickleball Central.

Although the Gamma Neutron 2.0 has a graphite face like that of the HEAD Extreme Tour Lite, it does not include a core made of polypropylene.

Instead, we found Nomex is used, which is becoming less and less common. Nomex is distinguished by its thinness and hardness.

Yet, due to its thickness, it can be quite loud when hitting the ball.

The GAMMA Neutron 2.0 is seen as one of the lightest pickleball rackets to date.

As it weighs in at 7 oz, and it also boasts the tiniest paddle grip at 4 inches. This makes it the perfect pickleball paddle for petite female players.


  • Thin Handle – The GAMMA Neutron 2.0 is said to have a handle that is only 4 inches wide. Which is ideal for smaller women.
  • Nomex Core – This paddle uses a Nomex core, which is also quite thin and hard. Thus, this gives your shots a lot of power.
  • Textured Face – On this paddle, it has a textured face, which helps you to perform spin shots much easier than before.


  • Loud – A lot of customers have noted that due to the Nomex core, this paddle can be quite loud.
  • Chips – Some customers noted that the exterior materials on the paddle could chip quite easily.

Also, available to purchase from Gamma Sports and Racquet Guys.

Due to its noticeable weight, the Christine McGrath Signature paddle differs slightly from the other rackets on our list so far.

It comes in two sizes: 13 mm core and 16 mm core. At its lightest, it weighs 7.6 oz, and its heaviest is 8.3 oz.

The heaviest weight is precisely at the high end of normal weighted paddles.

Lightweight paddles may not be the greatest option for women, as top player Christine McGrath has successfully demonstrated.

Although, it can differ from player to player. This iconic racket has a fiberglass face, which offers plenty of speed.

MaxGrit material is also used on the fiberglass face. This helps to give the player a superior grip, which then excels at spin strokes.


  • MaxGrit – This paddle’s construction uses MaxGrit technology to reduce vibration for the best possible control and precision.
  • Durable Core – A polypropylene core is used to create a durable paddle that can help you make smoother shots.
  • Fiberglass Surface – With a fiberglass surface, this gives your paddle a much larger sweet spot for better control.


  • Weight – This paddle is slightly heavier than previous paddles mentioned. For some people, this paddle could be too heavy.

Also, available to purchase from Pickleball Central and Franklin Sports.

For very petite women, the Rally Tyro 2 is another great option. The lightest possible grip circumference is just 4 inches. While the racket only weighs 6.9–7.2 oz.

The racket features a ½ inch solid polypropylene core, which is sufficient to provide enough power on your shots despite being so light.

Yet, the price tag is much more astonishing, it is ideal for anyone on a budget or just starting out in pickleball.

The fact that it lacks premium features is understandable given that it is a starting paddle rather than an expert one.

We felt it was vital to point out that although this racket was previously disapproved by the USAPA due to an uneven surface quality.

It is now in compliance with USAPA regulations. Hence, it was approved in 2021.

Also, this is one of the plainest paddles you may come across.

Pickleball Central hasn’t added any color to it. Which does not affect its performance, but it’s not the prettiest paddle to look at.


  • Price – This is one of the cheapest paddles that you will come across. Hence, it is perfect for anyone on a budget.
  • Lightweight – Pickleball Central have created an extremely lightweight paddle which is suited for smaller women.
  • Polypropylene Core – Using a polypropylene core, helps to give your paddle more power and control while making shots.


  • No High-End Features – This paddle does not contain many high-end features, hence it is more suited for beginners.
  • Appearance – This paddle has a very plain looking design. While this does not affect the performance, it’s not the most interesting to look at.

Also, available to purchase from Pickleball Central.

Selkirk’s Amped Epic paddle is a really attractive racket with three striking colors.

Just like with other pedals we have mentioned on our list, this one’s core is composed of polypropylene honeycomb.

Although this one is a touch more sophisticated. Its thicker core, known as the “X5 Honeycomb core,” helps it to have a larger sweet spot while reducing vibrations for a better feel.

The handle on this pickleball paddle is quite interesting.

Although it has the desired slim 4 ¼ inch handle circumference, it is longer than the average racket at 5 1/4 inches.

This is so that players may comfortably make two-handed strokes, according to Selkirk (see also ‘10 High Quality Selkirk Pickleball Paddles You Have To Try Out‘). Therefore, if you lack force on your backhand, the Amped Epic paddle can be a fantastic option for you.


  • Longer Handle – This handle is slightly longer than other handles, which allows you to have a more powerful backhand and two-handed strokes.
  • Sweet Spot – Due to the thicker core, you have a much larger sweet spot to use.
  • Designs – There are three designs of this paddle available for you to choose from.


  • Weight – For some customers, they found this paddle slightly heavier than they expected.

Also, available to purchase from Selkirk and Pickleball Central.

Buyers Guide

Both men and women have varied equipment needs, as is the case with many sports.

Therefore, when looking around, it seems sensible to demand dedicated men’s and women’s paddles.

In pickleball, although, this isn’t the case. Instead, practically all paddles are gender-neutral.

Instead, it compels us to analyze the characteristics that women often look for in a pickleball paddle. However, there will constantly be exceptions to the rules, since everyone is unique.

To make everything easier, we have put together this simple buyer’s guide, which will tell you all the characteristics that you need to look out for.

This will make purchasing a pickleball paddle for a woman a lot easier, as you know what you should be looking out for.


In general, women are lighter and have less muscle mass than men.

Due to these variables, lighter pickleball paddles, weighing 7.3 oz or less, are typically the best pickleball rackets for women.

Of course, paddles with an average weight of 7.3 to 8.4 oz may still be a decent choice. However, 8.4 ounce paddles could potentially be too heavy for some women.

You’ll notice that a lot of the paddles we have suggested are considered to be quite lightweight.

There are a few exceptions, but this comes down to the person.

For a lot of women and particularly smaller women, they will do better with a really lightweight paddle as they are able to handle it much easier.

Although, this doesn’t work for everyone.

As a result, you need to find the right weight which suits you and your game style.

Grip Size

The grip of the paddle’s circumference should also be taken into account.

The majority of paddle grip circumferences fall between 4 and 4 1/2 inches. The most popular measurements are 4, 4 1/8, 4 1/4, and 4 1/2 inches.

When you play with a paddle which is too large for your palms, it can keep slipping out of your hands.

This is because you can’t establish a strong hold.

Conversely, employing a paddle that is too small can make you hold too tightly, which will hurt your hands.

How do you tell if the grip of a paddle is the proper size for your palm?

The height test is an informal yet effective method of determining whether a grip is suitable for you.

Choose a 4-inch grip if you are shorter than 5’2″. If you are between 5’3″ and 5’8″, go for a 4 14 inch grip.

Then, if you are taller than 5’9″, go with a 4 1/2 inch grip.

When you are unsure, it is best to go with a smaller size. As grip tape can easily be added to compensate for the reduced size.

Paddle Facing

The facing is the material that can be seen on the paddle’s surface.

There are three particular facings that you can come across: fiberglass/composite, graphite and carbon fiber.

The most popular and powerful facing is made of fiberglass or composite.

Although less powerful than fiberglass or composite, is graphite.

Which is more durable and provides greater control. While, carbon fiber gives you better control and durability.

Think about your priorities while selecting a facing: power, durability, or control. This will then affect what material you want your paddle’s facing to be constructed from.

USAPA Approved

Choosing a paddle with USAPA certification is obviously advantageous.

Whether you are a pickleball beginner or an experienced player with goals to compete in tournaments.

By selecting a paddle that has received USAPA approval, you may be guaranteed that the maker complied with certain requirements regarding the paddle’s weight size, and surface type.

Hence, you know that you are buying a quality paddle that will be perfect for playing pickleball with.

All the paddles that we have mentioned in our article, are approved by the USAPA.


Most pickleball paddles prices start at roughly $40.

Wooden paddles are the least expensive option (between $10 and $40), but they are frequently heavy and make a “pop” sound. Which a lot of players might find annoying.

On the other hand, graphite and composite paddles range in price from $50 to $150. They are typically lighter, easier to control, and generally offer a better playing experience.

However, as you can see, price is an important element to consider. Although, other factors will affect the price and the type of paddle you wish to purchase.

The more features and high quality materials used on the paddle will not only increase the price, but in theory should make the paddle more effective when it comes to its performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Better To Have A Lighter Or Heavier Pickleball Paddle?

You have less power but more control with a lightweight paddle. Yet with a heavier paddle, this gives you less control but more speed and power.

The biggest downside of using a heavier paddle is that it can cause arm weakness and elbow pain.

You may wish to begin with a lighter paddle, until you have built up more strength.

Are All Pickleball Paddles Unisex?

Pickleball paddles are almost universally unisex. Only a few rackets are made particularly for ladies, but even those might make good selections for guys.

Therefore, it is crucial to consider the characteristics of the pickleball paddle you are considering.

Since, producers frequently considered both men and women when creating their paddles. Only a few paddles are more suited to women than to males.

How Often Should You Replace Your Pickleball Paddle?

Typically, a professional player will replace their pickleball paddles once a year.

Although, some may do so even sooner if their sponsors provide them with new paddles. Composite or graphic paddles should last a recreational player around two to three years.

Additionally, your pickleball paddle may have lost its effectiveness if the sweet area suddenly feels dampened.

Especially, if the balls aren’t launching as effortlessly as they usually do. This is a sign that you may need to replace your pickleball paddle.

What Happens If You Drop Your Paddle In A Match?

There are a lot of rules to consider when it comes to a game of pickleball (see also ‘What Are The 5 Rules Of Pickleball?‘). In fact, there is a rule if you do drop your paddle while playing a match.

If you happen to drop your paddle while you are on court and in the middle of a volley, then this is considered a fault.

As a result, you need to be cautious on where you are and what you are doing at all times.

Thus, it is ideal to make sure that your pickleball paddle has plenty of grip, which also feels comfortable in your hand. This will reduce this fault from occurring.

Are Elongated Paddles Better Than Standard Pickleball Paddles?

Longer paddles are preferred by many singles players because they enable them to cover more court space.

When playing shots, the paddle’s increased length enables a further reach.

However, this is completely down to personal preference.