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In this video, Tony and Tyson start dinking the pickleball over the net using their paddles. Tony explains that the dinking action should look more like tossing a ball over the net with your hand.

He suggests that too many players “pop” the ball off the paddle instead of actually using more of a pushing action. 

Pickleball Dink Training Drill

1. Removed the pickleball paddle from your hand and simply underhand toss the ball over the net. This may help you better understand the motion of a proper pickleball dink.

2. This drill may be performed with a partner as in the video or against a wall.

3. Once you have performed the underhand tossing motion, put a paddle in your hand and try to replicate the feel of tossing the ball.

* To watch this video on YouTube click Avoid POPPING the Pickleball.