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It should be no surprise that everything is moving online, and finding pickleball lessons online are not unique. In fact they are gaining popularity.

What I love about receiving pickleball lessons online is that I can access LIVE coaching, video analysis, email and texting communications, from any coach at nearly any time, from any where in the world.

Slow dial-up connections and pixelated videos have by the way of horse drawn wagon.

Now, free and paid services make it easy to find and work with the best professional trainers, coaches, and therapists.

In this article I will share some different versions of online pickleball lessons and pros / cons of each.

LIVE Coaching on the Pickleball Court

Technology like Zoom and Facetime allows a pickleball player to set up a simple selfie-stick tripod and smartphone at courtside to allow your coach to watch and analyze your performance.

Pros of LIVE Virtual Coaching and Lessons

  • Access great coaches from anywhere
  • Record the sessions for replay use
  • Work with different coaches on improving different skills

Cons of LIVE Virtual Coaching and Lessons

  • Technology doesn’t always work
  • If you don’t have good audio it can be hard to hear your coach
  • Finding coaches who are offering LIVE virtual lessons can be difficult

Live virtual coaching is done synchronously, meaning in real-time. A different form of virtual coaching is asynchronous.

Asynchronous Coaching on the Pickleball Court

What is Asynchronous pickleball coaching?

Asynchronous pickleball coaching is when a player records video of yourself on the court and sends that video to a coach for analysis.

Pros of asynchronous pickleball coaching

  • Lower cost than LIVE coaching
  • Improved ability to catch moments in a match or training
  • Convenience

Cons of asynchronous pickleball coaching

  • It can be hard to find an asynchronous coach
  • The delay in feedback can be frustrating
  • Poor communication via email or reply video

Pickleball Training Video Libraries

The most popular form of online pickleball lessons these days are pre-recorded video lessons. These lessons are stored in video libraries and masterclasses.

If you Google search “Learn pickleball online” you will find several examples. Prices range from under $100 to over $1,000.

YouTube offers a wealth of amazing pickleball lessons in video format. Everything from basic game play to specific strategy. I am building a YouTube channel where I information related to injury prevention, recovery, and human performance from a physical therapist’s perspective.

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