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Pickleball is a fast, exciting game that has enjoyed tremendous growth in popularity over recent years – and this is largely due to the fact that it’s easy to learn, a lot of fun, and can be enjoyed by participants of any age, and fitness or skill level.

The sport has often been compared to similar racquet sports such as tennis and squash, but there are some key differences between these games and pickleball, including the use of a paddle to strike the ball rather than a racquet.

There are many elements that are the same, however, and this includes many of the shots used to serve and pass the ball.

We took a closer look at maximizing your forehand for the best results, helping you boost your chances of a win whenever you enjoy a game of pickleball!

What Is Pickleball?

Pickleball is a hybrid sport that combines aspects of tennis and ping pong and was first played in the 1960s.

To play, players must use a small paddle to hit a small ball across a net.

The object of the game is to score points by hitting the opposing player’s side of the court with the ball.

Points are scored when the ball lands on the opponent’s side of the court, or if the ball bounces off the net and into the opponent’s court.

There are two main types of strokes: serves and groundstrokes.

Serves are usually made from the service box located behind the baseline, while ground strokes are typically made from anywhere on the court except the service box.

Serving Techniques

When serving, players should aim to make contact with the ball just before it reaches the service box.

This will ensure that the ball travels straight toward the opponent’s court.

Players may also choose to serve using their dominant hand, which is the hand they would normally use to hold a racket during a match.

Ground Strokes

In simple terms, a groundstroke refers to any shot that is taken once the ball has bounced at least once – this is an important rule in pickleball.

When playing ground strokes, players should focus on making solid contact with the ball, ensuring that they have enough power to get the ball through the air.

They should also try to keep the ball low so that it does not bounce too high. If the ball hits the top of the net, it counts as an out.


Forehand is the most common type of stroke and can be easily practiced and improved.

A good way to improve your forehand is to practice swinging the ball up and down the court.

This will help you develop proper timing and rhythm, allowing you to consistently hit the ball with more accuracy.

You can also work on improving your technique by practicing different variations of the stroke.

For example, you could try hitting the ball with topspin (the spin applied to the ball) instead of flat, or vice versa.

  • What Is Topspin?

Topspin is a type of spin that is added to the ball after it leaves the bat. It causes the ball to move faster, giving it greater control and distance.

In general, the higher the amount of spin placed on the ball, the harder it is to return. However, this depends on how much spin is applied to the ball.

To add topspin to the ball, players should swing the bat slightly downwards and away from them.

Once the ball is released, they should follow through with the arm until the point where the ball starts its downward trajectory.

At this point, they should apply pressure to the ball, causing it to rotate around the axis of the bat.

As the ball continues to rotate, it gains speed and momentum, resulting in a powerful shot.

  • How Much Spin Should I Apply?

The amount of spin you place on the ball depends on what kind of shot you want to achieve.

Generally speaking, for shots that require less spin, such as backhands, players should only apply moderate amounts of spin.

On the other hand, for shots that need more spin, such as forehands, players should apply a lot of spin.

If you are new to pickleball, you might find that you are unable to generate enough spin on the ball to create a powerful shot – but remember that practice makes perfect!

If you feel like you are struggling to generate enough spin, try applying more spin to the ball when you are batting.

This will allow you to increase the amount of spin on the ball without affecting the overall balance of your stroke.

  • How Does Spin Impact Your Game?

Adding topspin to the ball allows you to play longer rallies because the ball moves faster than if there was no spin.

It also helps you to gain more control over the ball, especially when returning serves.

When you are serving, adding spin to the ball gives you more time to set up your serve.

But if you do not have enough spin, then you may struggle to get the ball past your opponent’s defense.

Tips & Tricks: How To Improve Your Forehand

Tips & Tricks How To Improve Your Forehand

So, just how can you improve your forehand? We have some key tips:

  • Practice Swinging Downwards

Swinging downwards will give you better control over the ball, which will make it easier to hit the ball with topspin.

  • Swing Through The Ball

You should aim to swing through the ball, rather than just above it. This will ensure that you are able to impart maximum spin on the ball.

  • Follow Through Until The Point Where The Ball Starts Its Downward Trajectory

Once you have swung through the ball, you should follow through until the point where the trajectory begins.

This will ensure that the ball rotates around the axis of the bats.

  • Keep Your Eye On The Target

It is important to keep your eye on the target while hitting the ball. This will increase your accuracy, allowing you to hit the ball at the right spot.

  • Try Applying More Spin When Serving

Applying more spin to the ball will help you to get the ball past an opponent’s defense.

If you can’t generate enough spin, however, you may struggle to get past their defense.

Final Thoughts

Spin is one of the most significant aspects you can include in improving your game when playing pickleball, and understanding topspin is essential to improving your performance.

By practicing these tips and tricks, you can start generating more spin on the ball and begin to see results sooner

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