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Best Resistance Bands: FitRanger Resistance Band Kit

I am a licensed physical therapist in Middletown, OH and I have had the great fortune of testing a lot of different products with my patients over the years.

I have always used the BlueRanger Shoulder Pulley, but it wasn’t until recently that I started using their FitRanger Resistance Band Kit.

Discloser: RangeMaster sent me a kit to try for free. I told them I don’t usually like to use resistance bands because of the poor build quality but they kindly asked me to try their brand and sent me a kit in the mail. 

Here is my unbiased review.

Resistance Bands for Pickleball

The Positives of the FitRanger Resistance Band Kit

1. Build Quality of the FitRanger Resistance Band Kit

I rate this kit a 5 out of 5 for build quality and durability. I have been using the kit in my clinic with several patients each day. The kit is holding up really well. I have seen no significant signs of wear and tear or breakdown over a 3-month episode of daily use.

2. Durability

The durability appears to be as good as the build quality. The latex tubing has been stretched hundreds of times per day in my clinic. I have been using the bands with 3 patients a day on average, 5 days a week, for an average of 450 reps a week.

Over a 90-day episode, there is no breakdown in the tube structure, the handle grip, or the elasticity of the material.

3. Comfort of Use

My favorite part of the FitRanger Resistance Band Kit is the comfort and ease of use. It is very lightweight as each band weighs less than 1 lb. On other resistance band kits either the handle is too heavy or too flimsy.

Early in my career, we used to cut a 4-inch length of garden hose to function as a handle for the tubing.

These handles and clips are comfortable, lightweight, and easy to connect.

The Negatives

1. Variable Resistance

This is a reason I don’t use resistance bands in general. The resistance of the band will vary on several factors:

  • Length of the band (shorter band = more resistance)
  • Age of the band (as the band ages it becomes more elastic)
  • Temperature (cold temperatures make the band less elastic)
  • Distance from the anchor point (Similar to length)

Free weights may also be variable resistance depending on your body position and lever arm, but I like knowing objectively that a 5 lbs dumbbell is always 5 lbs.

2. The Bands are Really Long

For someone with a small apartment, these bands might be too long to use in your home. I used these bands in my foyer and nearly ran out of room to back up from the anchor point in the door frame.

These bands may be doubled up, but then that increases the resistance which may be a problem for some post-surgical rehabilitation protocols.

The length is great for larger spaces or hallways. Plus the length improves the feel of the movement. But if a client was trying to use this band in a bathroom or small dormitory, it would just be too long.

What are Resistance Bands for Pickleball?

Resistance bands are stretchy tubes or flat bands often made of latex or a latex-free material.

They are very lightweight and durable. They can range from 5 lbs or resistance to hundreds of pounds of resistance.

Resistance bands come in a variety of colors and are sold by many different manufacturers.

What is the Difference Between Tubing and Flat Bands

Tubes are round and often hollow. The inner diameter is approximately 6.3 mm.

Flat bands are often 5-inches wide and very thin. 

There is little difference between the function use of a band or a tube, but some clients just like the feel and texture of one over the other.

How to Choose the Correct Resistance

Every company will provide a resistance chart to let the user know what resistance corresponds to which color. 

The FitRanger for example has 5 different resistance levels consisting of Red (50lbs.), Black (40lbs.), Green (30lbs.), Blue (20lbs.) and Yellow (10lbs.)

Red 50 lbs
Black 40 lbs
Green 30 lbs
Glue 20 lbs
Yell0w 10 lbs


Best Resistance Bands for Pickleball: Shoulder Workout

Shoulder External Rotation:

Shoulder External Rotation

Repetitions 20
Sets 3
Resistance Yellow 10 lbs


Shoulder Overhead Flexion:

Shoulder Flexion Exercise

Repetitions 20
Sets 3
Resistance Yellow 10 lbs


Shoulder Extension with External Rotation:

Shoulder Extension Exercise

Repetitions 20
Sets 3
Resistance Yellow 10 lbs


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