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Pickleball used to be thought of as a sport for seniors. But now pickleball for seniors is no longer the case.

USAP has three approved aging brackets:

  • Juniors (18 and under),
  • Adults (19 & over) 
  • Seniors (50+)

Why is Pickleball for Seniors so popular?

Pickleball for seniors is a great choice because it can be played indoors or outdoors, it is played on a smaller court, and can be played in singles or doubles format (see also ‘How To Play Pickleball Singles‘).

I have spoken to plenty of older adults who enjoyed playing other racket sports when they were younger. Many of them told me that covering distance on a larger court quickly became too hard on aging joints for many of them.

When they switched to pickleball they could play more often and compete with other adults in similar skill levels and age groups more easily.

Also, the paddle and ball are lightweight so someone with arthritic joints in their hands or shoulders can more easily play.

Pickleball is gaining popularity with children.

I have four boys between the age of 9 and 13. They enjoy playing pickleball more than tennis because the court is smaller and the game is more quick-paced.

Serving and returning the ball is easier because they are usually playing with a whiffle ball instead of an official pickleball or a tennis ball.

I think pickleball for kids is a better choice than tennis because the ball doesn’t move as quickly.

Pickleball is gaining popularity among young adults.

As young adults learn the joy of playing pickleball I am finding more facilities are adding pickleball courts.

Lifetime Family Fitness recently added indoor pickleball courts (see also ‘What Does A Pickleball Court Look Like?‘). These courts require less floor space and are less expensive than racketball courts or tennis courts.

Best Pickleball Shots for Seniors

In the following video, the Pickleball Pirates share three effective shots older pickleball players can use to remain competitive against younger players.

Footwork and Agility Training for Seniors

As a physical therapist, I love the footwork and agility training pickleball provides for aging adults.

Multidirectional stepping and quick changes of direction may really help older adults reduce their risk of falling.

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